Private Consultant, Musician, & Producer

Tower One Records

(February 2020 - Present)

  • Freelance software development work in addition to founding Tower One Records & Vik & The Sticks.

  • Successfully designed and 3D-printed conveyor belt hardware that was ultimately patented and then implemented by Amazon. Also, fully drafted proposals and programs in C# and Python to automate a large portion of their warehouse facilities, thus increasing throughput of cargo whilst reducing long-term operation expenses.

  • Using CAD in tandem with C++ for the moving parts, single-handedly designed and programmed a Robotic Arm System for Space Tango's CEO to go aboard the International Space Station due to a mandate on the system being unmanned. Project was not implemented ultimately due to funding restrictions for Space Tango.

  • Designed, 3D-printed, and programmed various robots.

Database Administrator

GE Aviation (via Sogeti)

(October 2018 - January 2020)

Member of GE Aviation’s L2 DBA team that consisted of 6-10 people quarterbacking the global operations for GE Aviation’s IT, specifically with the Teamcenter database & NX (formerly “UG”) CAD software, as well as a secondary focus on data migration & archival to/from legacy databases. Personal duties entailed:

  • Repairing faulty project files related to 3D engine model data.

  • Training new GE Aviation employees on the CAD software (“NX”, formerly known as “UG”) and creating/revising training documentation.

  • Creating and maintaining DBA Team’s support page on GE Aviation’s secure intranet.

  • Implementing new features to database design, user coordination, backup & recovery and optimizing overall performance and security.

  • Routinely discussing/coordinating security measures with the Database Architect Team (L3) and Data Quality Team (“L2” like the DBAs).

  • Composing and sending out the morning report on Wednesdays detailing the current status of all GEAE network hardware globally.

  • Proactively and singlehandedly created a program to automate one of our routines to save the company hundreds of man-hours.

Co-Founder/Project Manager

Autonomous Crypto Inc.

(May 2017 - September 2018)

Co-founded and established this start-up company, whilst building two of the largest Ethereum mines in the world. Assembled mining rigs in Dallas (91 13-GPU rigs in Dallas, 500+ 2-card rigs), Houston (400 2-card rigs) and reconfigured Dallas mine to 190+ 6-card rigs for stability as well as helped network $2.5 million worth of Bitmain ASICs in Meridian, TX project. Ether mines valued over $2 million each upon completion (consisting of only $750,000 in hardware costs per mine location).

Ophthalmic Technician

Medical Vision Institute

(Summer & Winter Breaks 2014 - 2017)

  • Directly assisted the surgeon in the operating room with invasive surgeries (ie. cataract replacement, LASIK, HDSA, tumor extractions).

  • Performed refractions, factoring in subjective variables like patient occupation/lifestyle/accomodations/lens type, then dispensed glasses/contact lens prescription after review by the Ophthalmologist (my father).

  • Documented the pre-exam work-up, as did other techs, to maximize the practice's efficiency with only one Ophthalmologist. Essentially seeing "pipelining" in action in a "Business" sense during my summers of college between learning it in a "Computer Engineering" sense.